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What To Know Before You Place Your Order

The Vizual Edge Performance Trainer is a web-based visual performance assessment and enhancement tool.


VEPT uses session tokens The Vizual Edge Performance Trainer is a session-based program. Each session runs for up to twenty minutes. A session can be used in either Evaluate Mode or Train Mode and is deducted from your purchased session package.

You will need to determine how many sessions to purchase in the next step. Training sessions are recommended 2-3 times per week for 6-30 weeks, per athlete. Additional sessions can be reordered at anytime and added to your account.

Red-Blue 3D Glasses


Red-Blue 3D Glasses will be mailed to you upon completion of your order. The 3D glasses are required for some of the exercises. Once you have received the glasses, Log In with your user name and password.

What are the minimum operating requirements?

Installing and Training with the VEPT

Click here for directions on Installing and Training with the VEPT

Log In Accounts

User names and passwords are created during the purchase process. Existing users log in for special reorder pricing.

Choose a Training Plan:

Purchase VEPT session package now Purchase VEPT session package now.

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