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What Do I Get With the VEPT?


Once you sign up, you can purchase pre-set blocks of sessions for visual skills evaluation and improvement—then when you’re ready, just log in and you’re on your way to better performance. Vizual Edge combines ground-breaking advances in 3-D graphics technology with decades of advanced clinical research in Sports Vision. Our exercises and assessment tools quickly and efficiently identify and support those aspects of your visual performance that most need improvement.

Your investment in Vizual Edge gives you, your team or your organization a designated number of Vizual Edge sessions, with full access to the whole range of VEPT features, including a Visual Skills Evaluation, the Visual Skills Training, 3-D glasses and the Edge Score® Database. Click away for more details… ↑

Visual Skills Evaluation

The Visual Skills Evaluation tests your current or baseline sports visual skills using a number of scientifically designed exercises and measurements to map your visual strengths-- and deficiencies - to focus your training where you need it most. The evaluation tools check the speed and efficiency of your eye movements, depth perception, recognition and tracking ability, as well as the reaction time and accuracy of your responses

Visual Skills Training

The Visual Skills Training delivers customizable exercises that will improve your visual skills, balance, timing, decision-making and other critical visual functions that will raise the level of your game. These are clinically researched sports vision activities that have been shown to enhance a full range of your visual abilities. The exercises are focused on the speed and efficiency of eye movements, processing of visual information and the reaction time and accuracy of your responses.

3-D glasses

When you sign up for Vizual Edge, we’ll send you a pair of 3-D glasses—which you’ll use for some of the evaluation and training exercises.

Edge Score® Database

When you use the Vizual Edge Performance Trainer®, you get on-line access to our proprietary Edge Score® database—where you can review and update your personal evaluation data and chart your visual skill improvement over time. You can also use the Edge Score® database to see how you rank and get personalized training recommendations—all included with your session package. Edge Score® also lets coaches manage large amounts of team data collected from the VEPT Skills Evaluation. Coaches can easily compare one athlete to another and monitor the whole team’s improvement.

Sports Vision Performance Testimonials

Dorri Goldschmidt, OD, Southern Focus Vision Center Sports Vision South

Dorri Goldschmidt, OD
Southern Focus Vision Center Sports Vision South

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I am Dr Dorri Goldschmidt. I am an optometrist in Birmingham AL and I am the CEO of Sports Vision South.
Sports Vision South is a high performance vision training center. We use Vizual Edge to evaluate and train the visual skills of our clients.
All athletes are aware of the importance of strength and conditioning to keeping in peak shape. One important area that coaches and trainers may not be working on is the visual skills of a player.
Your eyes provide most of the information you use on a playing field. Training your eyes ability to track precisely, to have focusing flexibility and have visual accuracy is key to performing at your best.
When we use Vizual Edge’s program we are providing strength and conditioning for the visual system. We train the eyes to be stronger and better.

Dorri Goldschmidt, OD
Southern Focus Vision Center Sports Vision South

Lydia Clanton, Softball Athlete

Lydia Clanton
Softball Athlete

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I just wanted to write you with an update. When Lydia first tested with Vizual Edge in Dec. 2013, she scored quite low, 10th percentile. Tonight (Oct. 2014) she tested for the first time in 6 months, and tonight’s score put her in the 99th percentile! She hit her first over-the-fence homerun this past summer….after years of struggling with her hitting. She is now very consistent with quality at-bats. Her fielding (infield) has always been above average, but this summer she really took it to the next level and her quickness and charging the ball has definitely improved. She does seem to have had an improvement in the classroom too! We are so excited, and I firmly believe Vizual Edge has helped take her abilities to the next level. She is now being recruited by some of the top Divison 1 softball teams/schools! Thanks so much for helping us get started last December! And for the skeptical parents (like myself), it is legitimate and it works! Don’t delay. This can help your daughter play to the top of her abilities! ~ Pam Clanton, Mother

Lydia Clanton
Softball Athlete

Sports Vision Articles

Vizual Edge on iPad and Android

Keep Your Eye on the Ball: Visual Conditioning Just Got Smarter

by: Christine Bachman
Chicago Woman (6/23/2016)

Vizual Edge is now compatible with Apple iPad and Android devices. Students and athletes alike can utilize the program to improve hand-eye coordination.

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Better performance on vision tests like counting flashing dots was associated with better catching.

Vision skills can lead to sports success, research claims

by: Martha Finnegan Bradford
The Irish Times (9/9/2015)

Researchers tested elite athletes such as rugby players, as well as sporty members of the general public and people who don’t play any sport.

Better performance on vision tests like counting flashing dots was associated with better catching, even under challenging visual conditions.

Some elite sportspeople performed poorly, so this is not the be all and the end all of sports performance, but it might be the extra one per cent that could win the game.

What’s not clear is whether this is an innate talent or something that developed over thousands of hours of practice.

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Des clubs de baseball utilisent des logiciels pour améliorer la vision de leurs athlètes.

L'entrainement visuel, l'avenir du sport?

by: Seth Stevenson
Slate France (6/10/2009)

Barry Seiller (l'ophtalmologiste qui a conçu le logiciel Vizual Edge en 2002) a réalisé des analyses  et des tests d'acuité visuelle pour différentes équipes (les Houston Astros, les San Diego Padres, les Cincinnati Reds et autres Seattle Mariners, Texas Rangers,  Milwaukee Brewers ainsi que les hockeyeurs des Chicago Blackhawks); il a fait de même pour quelques programmes de sport universitaires et pour plusieurs sportifs participant aux Jeux olympiques. (Les équipes de bobsleigh développent leur capacité de convergence afin de mieux évaluer les angles d'entrée et de sortie dans les courbes de vitesse des pistes.) «Les athlètes de haut niveau jouissent d'une acuité visuelle développée», si l'on en croit Seiller. Selon lui, rien qu'en analysant les résultats obtenus par des joueurs de la Minor League sur le Vizual Edge, il a souvent pu deviner lesquels auraient les meilleurs moyennes à la batte.

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