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What is Sports Vision?

The patented Vizual Edge Performance Trainer delivers a powerful series of 3-D computer-based vision improvement tools

Why should only the pros have all the best technology? VEPT makes high-end visual training affordable for every athlete. Just like strength and endurance for your legs, arms, back and motor skills – your visual skills can be trained too! Vizual Edge is the sports vision training investment of choice for many of the world's most successful professional athletes. So — What is Vizual Edge?

The patented Vizual Edge Performance Trainer delivers a powerful series of 3-D computer-based sports vision improvement tools – designed to be a critical part of an athlete's overall training program. Log on to a session anytime - day or night - from the comfort of your home or training facility. At your own pace you'll complete a carefully designed series of evaluation and training exercises using a joystick, mouse or keyboard. The 3-D exercises sharpen your peripheral awareness and your visual memory as well as the speed, efficiency and accuracy of your visual information processing. You can track your results automatically and continuously using our Edge Score – on-line database.

And because it's web-based, your sessions and data follow you wherever you go. Most athletes train with Vizual Edge 1 to 3 times per week for between 6 and 30 weeks. Each training session lasts up to 20 minutes. Most athletes use 12 to 60 sessions. Vizual Edge can easily be integrated into a complete training plan without affecting any physical workouts. And you can do the training anytime and anywhere there's a computer with a web connection — like in the privacy and comfort of your home or in a training facility.

Sports Vision Articles

3-D Interactive Technology Uses 3-D Interactive Technology To Assess Visual Skills

Vernon Hills Firm Helping Athletes See Their Potential

by: Richard Klicki
Daily Herald Business Ledger (9/30/2016)

The Vizual Edge Performance Training Program

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Vizual Edge on iPad and Android

Keep Your Eye on the Ball: Visual Conditioning Just Got Smarter

by: Christine Bachman
Chicago Woman (6/23/2016)

Vizual Edge is now compatible with Apple iPad and Android devices. Students and athletes alike can utilize the program to improve hand-eye coordination.

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Vitamins, 3D glasses and strobes are tools athletes are using to see better but does it really work?

Baseball’s New 'Secret Weapon': High-Tech Vision Training

by: Joe Lemire

Through the 3-D glasses, the red triangle and blue square just won’t line up. Even when the shapes appear to overlap, the vision training program assures me they did not.  One eye perceives the triangle and the other perceives the square and, despite my best efforts with the keyboard arrows, I can’t find their concentric meeting point.

My visual alignment is deemed “fair,” but the descriptive text sounds clinically severe. My score “represents a moderate binocular eye muscle imbalance. The aiming of the eyes is inaccurate.” Basically, my eyes are misaligned after the target, which will result in perpetually late swings.

The evaluation of my eyes’ convergence—the ability to focus on objects in the foreground—is much worse. The test involves staring at a magic-eye stereogram, which I have never been able to do and can’t do now. The program tells me my eyes’ convergence is “extremely limited.”

There’s no putting rose- (and cyan-) colored glasses on this result: my overall vision score put me in the 5th percentile. I will never be a major league hitter.

“We didn’t change his eyesight,” Puchalski said. “We work on the quality of his visual information and how you see things and can react on field.”

That’s the first lesson to learn about sports vision. The realm of sight extends well beyond the lines below the E on an eye doctor’s wall.

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Better performance on vision tests like counting flashing dots was associated with better catching.

Vision skills can lead to sports success, research claims

by: Martha Finnegan Bradford
The Irish Times (9/9/2015)

Researchers tested elite athletes such as rugby players, as well as sporty members of the general public and people who don’t play any sport.

Better performance on vision tests like counting flashing dots was associated with better catching, even under challenging visual conditions.

Some elite sportspeople performed poorly, so this is not the be all and the end all of sports performance, but it might be the extra one per cent that could win the game.

What’s not clear is whether this is an innate talent or something that developed over thousands of hours of practice.

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Teams across baseball are working with companies to introduce vision programs into their process

Seeing Is Believing

by: Stephanie Apstein
Sports Illustrated (4/13/2015)

A recent issue of Sports Illustrated contained an article about vision performance and baseball. It highlighted the visual training protocol of several players of the Washington Nationals who, along with numerous MLB teams, use the Vizual Edge Program for assessment of player potential and improving visual processing, tracking and pitch recognition.

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Facilities in Europe are incorporating sports vision to help athletes enhance the visual component

Vision performance services offer new area of expansion for ophthalmic practices

by: Dr. Barry L. Seiller, MBA
Ocular Surgery News (7/29/2013)

Athletes across the globe, whether professional, amateur or recreational, are embracing new technologies and training methods to boost their performance. But while they lift weights, train in wind tunnels, adhere to strict diets and spend countless hours perfecting techniques, they often overlook one crucial body component: their eyes.

Recent studies are definitive: Athletes with superior vision skills perform better on the playing field. Until recently, however, no quantitative, interactive programs existed in the world of vision training. A U.S.-based company, Vizual Edge, is working to revolutionize the vision training game. 

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You mean that sports requires activity above the neck? What a shock!

Sports Vision

by: Todd Hargrove

Sporting ability is to a huge extent dependent on quickly and accurately interpreting visual information. The key word here is interpreting – sports vision is not just accurately seeing what is there to be seen, it is using that visual information to make accurate predictions about what will happen in the next few seconds. In effect, this isn’t really a visual task at all, it is a task of the imagination that uses visual information as the primary data.

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MLB Team use Vizual Edge for Player Development

Weight Training For Eyes

by: TylerJett
Baseball America (10/4/2010)


"The Vizual Edge program is just like a radar gun, just like a psychological background exam, just like any other tool," Greg Riddoch said. "It is·a tool that will help you get to the next level. I may have 15 more (valuable) prospects than other teams because we're using the program."

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No Brasil, problemas de visão atrapalham a performance de jogadores de futebol, mostra estudo

Programa contem exercicios para melhorar habilidades visuais que fazem dife

by: Imprensa
LDC Comunicação (4/6/2010)

“Da mesma forma que nas atividades aeróbicas a resistência, força e tônus muscular são trabalhados, as habilidades visuais precisam de treino”, compara. Dicas de treinamento visual O especialista enumera alguns exercícios visuais que podem ser feitos com ferramentas simples.

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Des clubs de baseball utilisent des logiciels pour améliorer la vision de leurs athlètes.

L'entrainement visuel, l'avenir du sport?

by: Seth Stevenson
Slate France (6/10/2009)

Barry Seiller (l'ophtalmologiste qui a conçu le logiciel Vizual Edge en 2002) a réalisé des analyses  et des tests d'acuité visuelle pour différentes équipes (les Houston Astros, les San Diego Padres, les Cincinnati Reds et autres Seattle Mariners, Texas Rangers,  Milwaukee Brewers ainsi que les hockeyeurs des Chicago Blackhawks); il a fait de même pour quelques programmes de sport universitaires et pour plusieurs sportifs participant aux Jeux olympiques. (Les équipes de bobsleigh développent leur capacité de convergence afin de mieux évaluer les angles d'entrée et de sortie dans les courbes de vitesse des pistes.) «Les athlètes de haut niveau jouissent d'une acuité visuelle développée», si l'on en croit Seiller. Selon lui, rien qu'en analysant les résultats obtenus par des joueurs de la Minor League sur le Vizual Edge, il a souvent pu deviner lesquels auraient les meilleurs moyennes à la batte.

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Vision training for athletes evolved from reading therapies developed decades ago to help children

A Little Flabby Around the Eyeballs

New York Times (2/5/2006)

Vision training for athletes evolved from reading therapies developed decades ago to help children with learning disabilities and people with amblyopia ("lazy eye") concentrate and follow lines of text. Unlike exercises designed to strengthen eye muscles, reading therapy works to improve the eye-brain connection. Sports vision therapy takes it one step further. "It's about eye-hand-foot-body-brain coordination," says Dr. Barry Seiller, an ophthalmologist who is Brett Basanez's vision specialist and the director of the Visual Fitness Institute in Vernon Hills, Ill. "Maybe you foul off the ball a lot, or you have all the technical skills but somehow just can't put it together. You go into slumps. You fail in the clutch. All of that, to us, screams 'visual problems."'

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